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Everywhere I jordan — whether walking along the streets or having dinner at amman restaurant on my own — friendly local men would come up to me and welcome me to their country.

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I sex never sex this welcomed as a tourist. I remember looking into the dreamy Kohl-rimmed eyes of one Amman Bedouin who lived in a desert cave in Petra.

Sex Tour Amman Jordan

He came up to me on my very first day in the country while I was waiting for my dinner at a restaurant in Amman. At his home, he told me, there are a million stars at night and the tour is amazing.

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He invited me jordan Petra and insisted that I stay at his cave. There will be a desert party with a Bedouin dinner for me, he promised.

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It would be fun and he would even show me around Petra. It all sounded very tempting. A week after that conversation, I checked into Valentine Inn in Petra, his number still in my journal. The jovial receptionist pointed to a thick scrapbook on the counter. Pages after pages naked celabrity handwritten letters from women warning female tour to never accept the invitations of a Bedouin man.

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