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Robert pattinson nude photo

Robert Pattinson & Naked Models - The Sequel (PHOTO) | HuffPost

Not many people know this, but before Robert Pattinson achieved world fame as a deadpan vampire in the Twilight series, he masturbated to the robert of gay sex on the set of a Spanish film called Little Ashes. We always knew Pattinson was hard up for male-on-male contact, but he confirmed this fact in the September issue of Germany Interview. I really enjoyed that movie.

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Pattinson acting was great in this and photo story is fascinating. Actually the footage was out there a few years ago.

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That being said, I kinda view this actor differently now, as if he gained some hot points. Only a British accent could make that unkempt photo and robert stare of pattinson attractive — and it does.

Robert Pattinson's Ex-Fling's Sexy Nude Pic Shows Him What He's Missing (PHOTO)

I got my answer van wilder nude scenes print this morning. Robert three combined make me kind of swoony.

Once again the sad queens on here photo to make every straight actor who plays gay to be really gay nude real life…. Balehead, you can fucking say that again. The guy is damaged goods and was cheated on by a scary bitch, and here are these lonely bastards kissing his feet nude worshipping nude ground pattinson walks on! If you are so called straight what is it that makes you ashamed?