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Joey yung nude photo

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Nokia Joey Yung in Concert No. At my age I could have been a mom already! Photo are so funny!!! The media messes with your minds.

Joey Yung's nude picture has been proven fake

As I can see you guys are followers and not leaders. You guys follow the media.

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And you guys would hit it. I now know a big population gets brainwashed easy!!!!

Joey yung nude photo

Inhought I seen her at edisons pictures grabbing and squeezing her nude titts!!!! Not pleasing to look at. Angelina Jolie looks like a tranny as well!!!!! Joey is that ugly.

Insanely Me: Joey Yung Nude Photo Scandal

Besides, most of her fans love joey singing not her looks. But I guess Hong Yung has a long way to go before realizing that. She just another copycat?